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15735 Butler Mons Butler Mons Charon 90.6 -9.48 38.74 -5.43 -13.46 42.53 35.05 +E (0-360) NA - United States Mons, montes MO - Approved Apr 11, 2018 [467] Octavia E., American author (1947-2006). Her "Xenogenesis" trilogy describes humankind’s departure from Earth and subsequent return. Apr 11, 2018
15737 Clarke Montes Clarke Montes Charon 74.6 -5.12 7.05 -2.25 -6.88 11.19 4.43 +E (0-360) EU - Great Britain Mons, montes MO - Approved Apr 11, 2018 [469] Sir Arthur C., British author (1917-2008). Many of his novels depict space explorations, among which the most notable is "2001: A Space Odyssey", describing a voyage to Jupiter. This novel was adapted from the screenplay he co-wrote with Stanley Kubrick for the 1968 film. Apr 11, 2018
15736 Kubrick Mons Kubrick Mons Charon 40 3.6 30.8 5.2 2.1 32.3 28.9 +E (0-360) NA - United States Mons, montes MO - Approved Apr 11, 2018 [468] Stanley, American-British film director and screenwriter (1928-1999). His film "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) after the screenplay co-wrote with Arthur Clarke tells the story of humanity’s evolution from tool-using hominids to space explorers and beyond. Apr 11, 2018

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