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Approval Status
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Last Updated
14373 Aufidus Catena Aufidus Catena Dione 275 -78 296.4 -65.2 -81.57 209 318 +W (0-360) EU - Roman Catena, catenae CA - Approved Mar 17, 2008 [44] River in the Apulian territory of Diomedes, now called the Ofanto. May 23, 2008
14374 Pactolus Catena Pactolus Catena Dione 180 8.79 327.15 14.47 2.21 320.64 334.57 +W (0-360) EU - Roman Catena, catenae CA - Approved Mar 17, 2008 [44] A Lydian river said to carry gold dust after King Midas washed off his golden touch in its waters. May 23, 2008
14375 Pantagias Catenae Pantagias Catenae Dione 200 -15.3 141.7 -5 -26 123 153 +W (0-360) EU - Roman Catena, catenae CA - Approved Mar 17, 2008 [44] River of Sicily. May 23, 2008

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