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14913 Aricia Tholus Aricia Tholus Vesta 39.02 13.38 311.55 17.69 8.92 314.57 308.59 +E (0-360) EU - Roman Tholus, tholi TH - Approved Dec 27, 2011 [182] City at the foot of Albanus Mons, once a powerful city in early Latium (present-day Ariccia). Mar 18, 2014
15065 Brumalia Tholus Brumalia Tholus Vesta 48.21 -6.31 64.99 -2.89 -9.71 70.25 59.35 +E (0-360) EU - Roman Tholus, tholi TH - Approved Nov 21, 2012 [285] Roman festival of Bacchus celebrated on the day of the winter solstice. Mar 18, 2014
14881 Lucaria Tholus Lucaria Tholus Vesta 24.75 -12.9 253.65 -10.33 -15.47 256.5 250.79 +E (0-360) EU - Roman Tholus, tholi TH - Approved Sep 30, 2011 [258] Ancient Roman feast held on July 19 when the Romans, defeated and pursued by the Gauls, retired and concealed themselves in the woods. Mar 19, 2014

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