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Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

Basic Info

Feature Name de Graft
Clean Name de Graft
Feature ID 14578
Target Mercury
Feature Type Crater, craters


Coordinate System Planetographic, +West, 0 - 360
Northmost Latitude 22.10 °
Southmost Latitude 22.10 °
Eastmost Longitude 358.00 °
Westmost Longitude 358.00 °
Diameter 65.00 km
Center Latitude 22.10 °
Center Longitude 358.00 °
Northmost Latitude 22.94 °
Southmost Latitude 21.34 °
Eastmost Longitude 357.14 °
Westmost Longitude 358.87 °
Diameter 68.16 km
Center Latitude 22.14 °
Center Longitude 358.00 °
Northmost Latitude 22.85 °
Southmost Latitude 21.25 °
Eastmost Longitude 357.26 °
Westmost Longitude 358.96 °
Diameter 68.00 km
Center Latitude 22.05 °
Center Longitude 358.11 °
Quad H-05 [pdf]

Status and Origin

Approval Status Adopted by IAU
Approval Date Jul 09, 2009
Continent Africa
Culture Ghana
Origin Joe; Ghanaian playwright, poet, and novelist (1924-1978).
Reference [216] - Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 175: Native American Writers of the United States, edited by Kenneth M. Roemer: Gale Research Inc., Detroit, 1997.
Updated Oct 11, 2016 10:16 AM

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