Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature
International Astronomical Union (IAU) Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature (WGPSN)
Planetary Names: Mars 1:5 million-scale THEMIS Images

Mars 1:5 million-scale THEMIS Images

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MC-1, Mare Boreum, centered on, 90°lat, 0°long MC-30, Mare Australe, centered on, -90°lat, 0°long MC-2, Diacria, centered on 48°lat, 150°long MC-3, Arcadia, centered on 48°lat, 90°long MC-4, Mare Acidalium, centered on, 48°lat, 30°long MC-5, Ismenius Lacus, centered on, 48°lat, 330°long MC-6, Casius, centered on 48°lat, 270°long MC-7, Cebrenia, centered on, 48°lat, 210°long MC-8, Amazonis, centered on, 15°lat, 158°long MC-9, Tharsis, centered on, 15°lat, 112°long MC-10, Lunae Palus, centered on, 15°lat, 68°long MC-11, Oxia Palus, centered on, 15°lat, 22°long MC-12, Arabia, centered on, 15°lat, 338°long MC-13, Syrtis Major, centered on, 15°lat, 292°long MC-14, Amenthes, centered on, 15°lat, 248°long MC-15, Elysium, centered on, 15°lat, 202°long MC-16, Memnonia, centered on, -15°lat, 158°long MC-17, Phoenicis Lacus, centered on, -15°lat, 112°long MC-18, Coprates, centered on, -15°lat, 68°long MC-19, Margaritifer Sinus, centered on, -15°lat, 22°long MC-20, Sinus Sabaeus, centered on, -15°lat, 338°long MC-21, Iapygia, centered on, -15°lat, 292°long MC-22, Mare Tyrrhenum, centered on, -15°lat, 248°long MC-23, Aeolis, centered on, -15°lat, 202°long MC-24, Phaethontis, centered on, -48°lat, 150°long MC-25, Thaumasia, centered on, -48°lat, 90°long MC-26, Argyre, centered on, -48°lat, 30°long MC-27, Noachis, centered on, -48°lat, 330°long MC-28, Hellas, centered on, -48°lat, 270°long MC-29, Eridania, centered on, -48°lat, 210°long
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