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Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

Verona Rupes

Basic Info

Feature Name Verona Rupes
Clean Name Verona Rupes
Feature ID 6359
Target Miranda
Feature Type Rupes, rupēs


Coordinate System Planetocentric, +East, 0 - 360
Northmost Latitude -5.50 °
Southmost Latitude -31.10 °
Eastmost Longitude 354.50 °
Westmost Longitude 341.20 °
Diameter 116.00 km
Center Latitude -18.30 °
Center Longitude 347.80 °
Quad -

Status and Origin

Approval Status Adopted by IAU
Approval Date 1988
Continent Europe
Culture Italy
Origin Where Romeo and Juliet lived.
Reference [85] - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Illustrated: Avenel Books, a division of Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, 1975.
Updated Oct 01, 2006 3:30 PM